Foxconn sues two Chinese journalists over iPod city story

You're a huge business worried about your recently tarnished image -- what's the first thing you do? If you answered sue the hell out of the journalists who reported possible sweatshop labor tactics going down in your factories, congratulations, you might be prepared for a fast-paced career at Foxconn, proprietor of iPod city! We don't normally like to get all meta on you guys, but not only did Foxconn attempt to sue for US $3.77 million Wang You and Weng Bao, the journalist and editor at China Business News that published the iPod City story, the company went so far as to have the Chinese courts freeze their assets, locking them out of their cars and homes -- you know, a totally appropriate reaction to the journalistic community for trying to expose corporate malfeasance. (Did we tell you Microsoft hired a lone sniper to take us out after FairUse4WM?) So our hats go off to you Foxconn, for setting the bar so very high for moral business practices and fair treatment of others; now more than ever we're totally convinced that you're totally and completely innocent of all charges leveled against you by the press.

[Via iLounge]