The iRocker chair with built-in iPod dock

Furniture-maker Adonis has announced a pile of new "interactive sound chairs" designed for maximum body rockin' and minimal body movin'. Available in a range of models from $99 to $600, the iRocker chairs all feature genuine "made for iPod" docks and Alltek Vision speakers with a remote control so you don't have to get up to... er, wait a minute. That extra $500 will buy you a full five speakers, as opposed to just a pair on the low-end. For the iPod-less, the chair also includes a standard auxiliary input to connect another audio device, although you won't get the added convenience of charging your player while you recline (at least we assume it'll charge your iPod -- Adonis isn't so clear). In addition to the number of different models to suit your budget, the chairs are also available in a slew of different colors, including six varieties for the microfiber option and more neutral black, bone and saddle colors for the faux-leather models.

[Via iLounge]