Ford demos new airbag-based seatbelt design

It's not every day that auto technology moves from the speedway to the driveway. The Detroit News reports that Ford is working on a new style of seatbelts, inspired by race car driver seatbelts, which have mini-airbags embedded inside. When the airbag is deployed, the bag tears through the seam of the seatbelt and inflates cylindrically. The seatbelt orientation has also totally changed -- a hip strap and two shoulder straps creates a four-point restraint system, centered at the rider's belt buckle. Ford officials said that this new design cuts down on pressure to the chest during impacts. However, the company does acknkowledge that this design, which may takes years to reach the market, may be uncomfortable for some people, particularly pregnant women and large-bellied folks. So make sure you drop 20 pounds by the time you buy your 2012 model Ford, ok? The countdown begins... now.

[Via Autopia]