Pioneer planning BDR-103 HD DVD/Blu-ray combo drive

Evan Blass
E. Blass|09.01.06

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Pioneer planning BDR-103 HD DVD/Blu-ray combo drive
Samsung got our hopes up and then dashed them. Same with LG. But ever since Ricoh announced its "smart" blue laser diode that can recognize what type of disc has been inserted and adjust the beam accordingly, we've been cautiously optimistic that someone, somewhere would release a drive and / or player that reads / writes both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, effectively mooting the so-called format war. Well, folks, it seem that glorious day may be close at hand, as Pioneer announced plans at Berlin's IFA to manufacture the BDR-103 combo drive (followup to its BDR-101 and upcoming, CD-writing BDR-102 Blu-ray-only burners). So far the company has released little information beyond this product's model number and its hybrid capabilities, but frankly, that glimmer of hope is all we really need to sustain us. We salute you, dear Pioneer, for attempting what so many others have tried and failed to do before; and if in fact you succeed, you will be remembered forever as the savior of HD lovers worldwide.

[Via cdfreaks]
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