LG kills combo player, goes back to Blu-ray-only plans

Evan Blass
E. Blass|07.31.06

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LG kills combo player, goes back to Blu-ray-only plans
Geez, LG, would you make up your mind already? First you were gung-ho about bringing the BD199 Blu-ray player to market in Q2 of this year, then you scrapped that idea in favor a combo Blu-ray / HD DVD device, and now you're back to your original plan of releasing a Blu-ray-only model at some unspecified future date. At least that's the official word for now from the Korean manufacturer, courtesy of VP of sales and channel marketing Bob Perry's recent speech at the company's 2006 Summer Line Show in New York. Perry refused to give more than just a broad outline of LG's product roadmap, but with Europe already investigating both next-gen formats regarding anti-trust violations, we'll probably have all moved back to regular old DVDs by the time this proposed model is released, anyway.
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