Hello Kitty invades the Epson Endeavor NA101

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.02.06

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Hello Kitty invades the Epson Endeavor NA101
Until now, hardcore Hello Kitty fans deeply lamented the fact that their laptops were clashing with their iPods, cellphones, and SD cards. Fear not, legions of the kawaii army, Sanrio Japan has just released an Epson Endeavor NA101 rebranded with Kitty's lovely mug (or optionally, 20 of her mugs) on the cover. You'll pay a ¥44,000 ($376) premium for this though, compared to the un-Kittyified blank NA101. But really, that's such a small price to pay to have the cutest computer in Shibuya.
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