Dell XPS 700 reviewed and ripped apart

It's not often that you read a review of a computer with a line like "You could kill someone with this thing," but the folks at got to write that gem in their look at Dell's new gaming-oriented XPS 700, referring to the deadly-looking 3-millimeter thick piece of aluminum that forms the case's side panel. Unfortunately, they weren't as impressed with the system's performance as they were with its decapitating potential, finding it decidedly lacking when put up against their comparable custom-built rig -- although much of the blame seems to be pegged on the slow memory that Dell ships with the XPS. Still, they did find the system got most of the core elements right and delivered decent gaming performance at a reasonable price; given the cost of upgrades from Dell, though, they recommend going light on the memory and video card options when you order and swapping them out yourself when you get this sucker home.