Samsung shows off 40-inch LED backlit LCD at IFA

We do love us some LED backlighting, and Samsung has the goods at IFA this year. Their new LE40M91 LCD measures a reasonable 40-inches, runs at a 720p resolution, and manages an easy to love 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The display also features 450 nits of brightness, and a 146% color gamut. Best of all are the rumors that this display could be going for a mere $3,000 when it's released, and the dual HDMI ports don't hurt none either. The display is accompanied by a pair of non-LED LCDs, but they aren't too shabby all the same. Measuring 40 and 46-inches respectively, the LE40F7 and LE46F7 manage 1080p resolutions, 6000:1 contrast ratios, 127% color gamut and 450 nits of brightness, along with all the same connectivity of their LED cousin. Since this is all going down at IFA, Samsung is just announcing these displays for European markets right now, but our hopes are definitely for eminent and wallet-friendly Stateside releases.

[Via HD Beat]