Sony announces LocationFree LF-B10, LF-B20 and LF-BOX1

We haven't heard from Sony's LocationFreesince 2005, but our best buds over in Japan have been busy on some new models since then -- and they look startingly like a shiny acrylic PS2. Today the company is announcing two new base stations, the LF-B10 and the LF-B20 (pictured above) and the LocationFree TV Box. The LF-B20, which goes for $250, also acts as a WiFi access point, whereas its less expensive sibling, the LF-B10, priced at $200, doesn't. Sony's LocationFree Box (dubbed the LF-BOX1) is a $230 receiver unit that will let you watch said content on an in-home television -- although it may work on your hotel's television too, should you be so inclined to take it with. That said, it's well possible that as an alternative, you'll have your PSP or a laptop with LFTV software on it, just like a Slingbox. The trio of LFTV units will be available next month, and are currently on pre-order from Sony's site.