Wireless HDMI over UWB? Heck yes!

Some buzzwords just sound good together. Like robots and flamethrowers -- those two just hit it off right from the start. Now Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices are teaming up for a new standards-based wireless HDMI tech that marries UWB with everybody's favorite home theater plug. Tzero is bringing the UWB to the table, while Analog Devices' is sharing their JPEG2000 video codec. A UWB transmitter compresses all the HDMI data on the way out of a video device and a receiver converts it back to HDMI on the way back into your display. With a range of 30 meters, and no line of sight requirements, all sorts of diabolical home theater configurations become possible. For instance, we can envision a ceiling mounted projector without all the wiring, or a noisy HTPC hidden away without similar hassles. According to Tzero, the first adapters should be out in a couple of weeks, and the price should be "similar to other WiFi devices." We'll be sure to test out the performance before we jump in with two feet, but if the price is right we're liking where this wireless HDMI thing is headed.

[Via Cnet]