Forget Smell-O-Vision, USB Aroma Geur lets you smell the radio!

We've secretly yearned for and yet simultaneously feared Smell-O-Vision for most of our waking life. The dual promise and threat of that kind of immersion into our entertainment is enough to drive a man wild, which is why we're glad they're taking some baby steps towards the future in Japan with the new "Aroma Geur" radio device. The USB-pluggin' sphere, due for launch in October, is designed to work with the Tokyo FM internet radio station, and has six oil-based scents which it can mix on demand. For extra wow-factor, the sphere lights up with random LED lights, and everything is synced up to the currently playing song for setting just the right mood. Of course, that mood will cost you 49,900 Yen (about $430 US), so it had better be some dang good mood.