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Pioneer inno lookin' pretty in pink

With the Pioneer inno's brushed metal stylings, we're almost getting an iPod mini vibe from this new pink edition, though the masculine look of the inno is also giving us bit of a drag queen feel. Yeah, so that's... awkward. But luckily it's for a good cause! Pioneer, XM and Circuit City are teaming up with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for a bit of breast cancer smack down, donating $30 from each sale to the foundation -- up to $150,000. Hopefully you don't have the same problems with psychotic anthropomorphism as we do, and can pony up for the cause in our stead. In other, less exciting news, Pioneer is forcing a software "upgrade" on users that disables the inno's FM modulator when the device isn't placed in its car dock. Apparently the change is due to regulatory issues, and Pioneer is offering a full refund for your device -- for a limited time -- if the feature reduction doesn't exactly float your boat. Battery life is supposedly extended considerably by the firmware update as well, along with numerous other bug fixes, so holding off from updating doesn't seem to be that attractive of an alternative.

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