LG's "Black Sapphire" MG810 Chocolate flip phone is real!

We hope you're not preparing for this to be a specced out monster of a cellphone, but for those longing for a Chocolate flip phone that may be a little (ok, a lot) too reminiscent of the KRZR, look no further than the Black Sapphire MG810 (aka VX8600, and U830). It'll apparently have a 1.3 megapixel camera, 176 x 220 internal display (and 96x 96 external), media player that supports MP3 and AAC, Bluetooth, FM radio, 128MB of flash memory, and GRPS. Still, she's ah so beautiful. According to our Brazilian pal who sent this in, they snuck it right out underneath our ever lovin' noses and apparently put it on sale in South America for 999 Brazil Reais (or about $465 US). Steep, for a phone that doesn't appear to have EDGE or expandable media, but you're not paying for features here, remember?

[Thanks, Gustavo]