Amazon Unbox

The long rumored Amazon video download service has made its debut. Amazon Unbox is its name, and it has some very cool features. Progressive downloading means you can watch your movie, or tv show, as it is downloading which is helpful since Unbox only allows one download at a time and with 1 hour of footage measuring in at a gig, you'll thank Amazon for this feature. You can also buy videos on one machine and download them to another, though only 2 machines can actually pay the videos.

Amazon claims that the resolution of their videos (which you can purchase or rent for 24 hours) is twice that of their competitors. Couple that with surround sound and an impressive lineup of content and we may have a winner here. Price varies from $7.99 and $14.99 for movies, but TV shows will set you back a familiar $1.99.

There is one problem though, none of this will work on a Mac. The Unbox video player is required to play any of these videos and it is Windows only.