Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 (unspecified) wireless HDMI Extender

Inching us one step closer to a cable-free world (and boiling baby brains?) Avocent just launched the Emerge MPX1000, the first HD Multipoint Extender to move high-definition content from one source to multiple wired or wireless destinations. HD video sources up to 1080i and computer graphics up to a 1280x768 rez can be connected via HDMI and DVI inputs and then pumped over the wire, or up to 150 feet (1000 feet line of sight with optional directional antenna) wirelessly to a maximum of eight wireless or LAN connected receivers. It'll even blast the IR control data but lacks the ability to push multi-channel audio -- you'll have to settle for stereo audio, for now anyway. Unfortunately, Avocent is mum on the wireless deets -- wireless HDMI, HDMI over UWB, or (hopefully not) 802.11a/b/g/pre-n, who knows? Hell, there's not even a hint as to which bands are used. So if anyone is attending CEDIA Expo next week in Denver where this will be on display, please, drop us a line. Oh, and maybe drop a hint to Avocent on how to hype a new product properly for early adopters while you've got their attention. Thanks.

[Via AVReport]