Jton's MobiWallet RFID SIMs

As long as we're sitting about twiddling our thumbdrives waiting for one of those ubiquitous, near-field cellphone payment systems used by some more advanced societies for years, we might as well check out the options right? Enter MobiWallet from Jton Systems which combines SIM cards and a refillable, RFID debit payment system to make quick work of public transport and double-half-caff transactions. Start by defining a minimum balance and refill amount. The phone then ensures that you never leave home without by comparing the RFID balance with your minimum threshold and automatically negotiating a refill with the MobiWallet server when necessary. Great, now we just need a provider to go ahead and replace existing SIMs with RFID integrated cards and we're all set -- riiight. Combine with the RFID blocking wallet and voila, an infinite loop with seating for one.