Michael Dell at the Austin Game Conference

Elizabeth Harper is covering the MMO-heavy Austin Game Conference for Joystiq and our WoW-obsessed friends at WoW Insider.

Michael Dell stopped by the Austin Game Conference briefly on Thursday afternoon for what the day's schedule described as a "fireside chat." And after sitting through the chat, I have one important question -- where was the fire? Well, while I sit here and grumble about false advertising, you can read on to find out some of the topics Dell touched on in this Q&A session -- which focused on the PC's place in the gaming industry, and why you should buy a PC instead of a console.

The PC as the best gaming platform:

  • Dell is pushing for additional software support for their hardware features and working with developers to try to provide users with the best experience possible. Specifically mentioned were multiple core processors and multiple monitors/widescreen monitors.

  • Microsoft Vista is a great platform, and "as an operating system, take[s] better advantage of a lot of the hardware features."

  • The "next big thing" for PC gaming will be taking advantage of major hardware features such as multicore processors.

The PC compared to consoles:

  • The advantage a PC will always have when compared to consoles is that it can constantly be on the leading edge of technology. PCs are constantly improving, while consoles are static after their release.

  • Consoles are really just PCs with a specific set of hardware.

  • On the PS3: You should be able to buy a PC for less than the cost of a PS3 - and it could be shipped today.