SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo comparison shots [Update 1]

The sequel to Fireteam Bravo is coming out in a few months. Simply glancing at the trailer may lead you to believe that the game will be identical to the first, but the SOCOMBLOG has found some brilliant comparison shots of shared maps between the two games. Looking at them side to side, you can see that the sequel will feature better lighting, much better textures, and improved character models. Check out the evidence after the cut:

Market Day in original:

Market Day in sequel:

Rift in original:

Rift in sequel:

Rockslide in original:

Rockslide in sequel:

Thin Ice in original:

Thin Ice in sequel:

[Via IGN Boards]

[Update 1: That's why you don't make posts when you haven't slept. Fireteam Bravo, not Firestorm. Although a game based on the movie Firestorm would be awesome.]