Tangled up in Bluetooth

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.09.06

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Tangled up in Bluetooth
Listen up LL Cool Stevie J.: would it be really so hard to get your engineering posse on building Bluetooth into the iPod? Seriously, we'd settle for even a Bluetooth dongle at this point, just so we wouldn't have to get scrambled up in our headphones anymore. Because if you guys don't come out with something soon, then we're going to have to settle for these really mediocre things like this BluPod here -- all it does is display caller ID info on your iPod and turn down your music accordingly (oh, and it adds an FM transmitter, too). Ok, nevermind this BluPod (no word on its price, either) -- just get going on that iPhone, m'kay?
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