Bang & Olufsen's Helping Hand reminds you to take meds

While our favorite Danish gadget company, Bang & Olufsen is better known for making fashionphones and audio gear, it also has a medical devices division, known as Medicom. This division has just released a new device to help patients make sure they're on track for taking medication. The aptly named "Helping Hand," which looks like a slightly curved handset, stores a blister pack of medication and then will send a signal to a computer or cell phone (via Bluetooth or USB) to remind you to take your meds. The Helping Hand's red, yellow or green lights will go off to give a visual cues as to how many instances have been missed, and can upload that info to your doctor (or medical assistant robot), so the next time you see her, she can give you a stern reprimand. Speaking of reminders, we'd like to alert B&O Medicom that its press release doesn't have a price or a release date on it -- so get on that, guys.

[Via medGadget]