ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun -- not your parents' rubberband gun

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ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun -- not your parents' rubberband gun
Heck yes. We've been trying to utilize our Lego collection for the production of projectile apparatuses ever since the Pirate sets stopped coming with those flickable cannons. Now it seems our sad attempts have been eternally showed up by Sebastian's ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun, which has 8 barrels, a 64 shot capacity, and an eleven rounds per second firing rate. The rubberband chaingun took over a month to build, and is powered by an honest-to-goodness Lego motor. Sebastian has all sorts of ideas how to mod up his gun even more, including an ammo counter or even faster firing rate, but whatever he manages to do it's clear all we're going to be bringing to our next rubberband fight is a white flag. Keep reading for some hot embedded YouTube action of this thing blasting away.

[Via digg]

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