AT&T, MobiTV team up for broadband TV service

AT&T and MobiTV have announced a new service for getting broadcast TV on your broadband-connected PC, though it doesn't look like it'll quite replace your cable or satellite service just yet. AT&T Broadband TV, as it's known, will give you some twenty channels for $20 a month, and is open to anyone with a broadband connection, not just AT&T subscribers (though they'll get some exclusives). Among the initial offerings are The History Channel, The Weather Channel, Bloomberg, and Oxygen, as well as the Fox News Channel, which happens to be one of those AT&T exclusives. Unfortunately, the service isn't quite available to everybody -- it's limited not just to Windows, but to Internet Explorer as well (and to residents of the United States on top of that). If that suits your fancy, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial immediately, though it's not clear when the complete service will launch.

[Via Yahoo News/AP]