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Hands-on with the Apple iTV prototype

Hands-on with the Apple iTV prototype
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|September 12, 2006 3:02 PM
We're as surprised as you, but Apple actually put their iTV units on display right after the show! Really, there isn't a whole lot here that we didn't already see in the keynote and up on their site, but it's definitely Mac mini sized in terms of footprint, and is a sexy little bugger. Click on for lots more pics!

The Apple rep who was showing us the iTV was quick to let us know that the unit was a prototype -- and we were quick to ask for the settings menu. And then we were quick to ask for the TV resolution sub-menu, which he put the kibosh on. "Sorry, we're not drilling down into the settings at this time." Boo, we say.
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