Relax whilst exercising with the L250 bike bed

If there's one thing that Engadget's editors will not stand for, it's being told that we have to put down our gadgets in order to do other tasks that require the use of our hands. That, dear readers, is the reason you will never see any of us getting on one of those mechanical people-powered bicycle contraptions -- we assure you, we have have no aversion to doing exercise, it's merely the idea that the handle bars would limit the number of times that we could check our Treo that prevents us from getting our bike on (which is similar, but not identical to getting on our bike). Fortunately for us, Hypoxi, a company specializing in "VacuTraining Teachnology", has solved our problem with the unveiling of the L250 stationary exercise bike bed. Instead of traditional exercise bike designs, the L250 has a reclined bed shape in the place of one of those awkwardly shaped bike seats. The bed bike apparently also comes with a vacuum chamber that forcibly sucks off any flab you may have around your waist -- only kidding! We have absolutely no idea what the vacuum chamber is, or how it's supposed to help you lose weight, but frankly we don't care, because the freedom that the L250 allows us is all we need. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're just gonna go plug our new bed bike into our recently installed brain port: a fifty mile cycle -- whilst we're sleeping -- should do it.

[Via Fitness Gadgets]