Griffin announces more iPod accessories: iKaraoke, iTalk Pro, and TuneCenter

Griffin just slipped three new iPod accessories into the Apple Expo showroom: the iKaraoke, iTalk Pro, and TuneCenter. The iKaraoke allows you to fade-out the vocals from your favorite songs and replace 'em them with your very own self-stylings over the included mic. The results can then be pumped out your stereo over the wire or wirelessly via the embedded FM transmitter. Three levels of reverb are available to improve your vocals for, well you know, when the sake just ain't enough. The new iTalk Pro boasts not just one, but two built-in mics for 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono audio recordings. But you'll need to drop an external mic into that 1/8-inch jack, jack, if you need greater stereo separation. Last, and certainly least, is the TuneCenter -- another of those iPod media docks with remote controls. Only this dock sports a "full-slate" of Internet Radio stations -- bonus! No pricing has been announced, or availability, but we've got some bigger snaps after the break and that's gotta count for something.