Music bloggers react to the Zune

It's not just the usual suspects talking about the Zune today -- last week Microsoft flew a bunch of music bloggers out to Seattle for an all-expenses paid first-look at the new device. Here's a roundup of some initial reactions:

  • Glenn over at Coolfer thinks it feels a little heavy, but that the navigation is intuitive and simple. He likes the brown-colored Zune best, saying that it looks better in person than in pics (which we sure hope is the case).

  • Amrit from Stereogum wishes it were thinner, but thinks the Zune's wireless capability is "pretty hot." He concludes that the "Zune is long on ideas, but may be short on time."

  • MOKB discovered the one confusing feature about the Zune right off the bat -- the "scroll wheel" which turns out to be a directional pad, but actually liked the navigation once they got the hang of it. What they weren't digging so much was how "big and clunky" the Zune is compared with an iPod. They say that Microsoft danced around questions about combining the Zune and the Xbox into some sort of portable gaming console.

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