New Slingbox A/V unveiled by FCC!

Sure, the FCC has never been in the business of snapping glamour pics, and those Slingbox kids have always been a bit "edgy" in the design department, but we can't say we'd find this new Slingbox A/V (or Slingbox AV, if you will) attractive anywhere other than on a Babylon 5 set. Hopefully it'll look better on second glance. On the slightly more objective and relevant front, the new box is a whole lot smaller than its predecessor, and we're guessing there's some new processing power to compete with the higher-res HAVA. Sadly, the manual included with the FCC docs makes no mention of WiFi capabilities, but we're not giving up hope just yet. We also assume this little bugger will come packing support for the Mobile and Mac versions of SlingPlayer, but otherwise we'll just have to wait and see just what Sling Media has planned for this device besides the oligatory composite I/O and S-Video ports.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]