Sony reveals new 3200ES, 5200ES 1080p A/V receivers

Sony has dropped two new 1080p A/V receivers, which should go well with the new Bravia LCDs that the company also announced today. First up is the STR-DA5200ES (pictured), a 1080p upscaling 7.1 channel receiver with 120 watts of power per channel which is coming this October for $1,500. Thanks to a Cortez Advanced controller chip the 5200ES can upscale any source connected via HDMI or component inputs: the chip also supports on-the-fly color correction, picture-in-picture, and second room video sources. The other feature that Sony is keen to promote is the new menu system inspired by the Cross Media Bar (XMB) used on the company's PlayStation 2 and PSP game consoles, but the 5200ES also comes with a 30-second auto speaker calibration system and a USB port for hooking up your flash-based PMP for some spontaneous tunes. Sony has also revealed that it is shipping the $900 STR-DA3200ES this month, a receiver capable of passing-through (not upscaling) 1080p signals via the HDMI and component inputs. Like its bigger brother, the 3200ES will also pump out 120 watts over each of the 7.1 channels, although it doesn't come with the 5200ES's funky XMB-inspired menu system. Peep the STR-DA3200ES and the menu system after the break.

The STR-DA3200ES.

The STR-DA5200ES's icon based interface.