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Hitachi @ CEDIA - Worst looking rear-projection at the show?

We are going to step out on a limb here and state that Hitachi's VS69 line of LCD rear-projections are the worst looking HDTVs at the show. These models are in the Ultravision line as well and they simply do not look good at all. They are grainy, have inconsistent color and exhibiting screen-door effect like there is no tomorrow. We are sorry to say that it's almost laughable how bad the image is; it's like you are looking at a first-gen rear-projection. Are we being too critical? Perhaps, but don't ya think Hitachi would set a minuim picture quality to bring to a show like this? Man they are bad. If you are at the EXPO and in need of a laugh, swing by the Hitachi booth. Now, their new 42-inch 1080p plasma is a whole 'nother story. More on that to come.