iPhone signal emanating from January's Macworld 2007

Think Secret has weighed in on the iPhone rumor saga once again, with a suggestion that Apple's cell phone will be released during the San Fransisco Macworld Expo in January next year. The tipster has apparently gained Think Secret's trust in the past by correctly predicting that the iPhone wouldn't launch earlier this year in March. The reasoning behind why the iPhone didn't launch last March (manufacturing issues), and why it will launch in January (they've fixed the manufacturing issues) is predictably dry, totally unverifiable, and therefore irrelevant, giving TS even more reason to spice it up a little. This time around they're telling us that the iPhone will have some k800-esque specifications (3 megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display) along with a totally obvious feature (iTunes support without the 100 song limit), but they also mention that there may be as many as three different models in the range, thereby cleverly maintaining the possibility that it might not have any of these specs after all. In fact, none of this could be true: there could be more manufactured manufacturing delays that cause the iPhone not to launch in January, or Apple could have a revelation and decide not to include one of the vague features. Like every other Apple rumor, we won't know until the day arrives: January 8th, save the date.