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Keepin' it real fake, part XXXIIV: Zune ain't aloone

We thought the world record for the speed of knockoff went to TechFaith Wireless for their Q-before-the-Q, and their line of slick Windows Mobile-based knockoffs -- but it would appear we've been proven wrong. Everyone, say hello to Oriphe Industrial Limited's MPF2110, which is "liking Microsoft zune" (yeah, we're liking it too). The MPF2110 plays MPEG, AVI, AMW, and MTV video formats (what the hell are those last two?), MP3, WAV, and WMA audio, has an FM / voice recording, USB 2.0, a 1.5 or 1.8-inch display, and up to "2GB flash memory chip by Samsung/Hynix, the most reliable." (So, Samsung is an accessory to the crime; perhaps because Microsoft went with Toshiba?) Sign us up, we're going to buy ten thousand and sell them outside Zune-sponsored shows to see if anyone of those "artists and musicians" can actually tell the difference.

[Via The MP3 Players]