Manhattan adventures with a 20-inch "laptop"

Those crazies over at LAPTOP Magazine got it in their heads to do a bit of social experimentin' with one of Dell's 18 pound XPS M2010 monstrosities. They lugged the 20-inch system through the subway, a Starbucks and a park in search of reactions from Manhattanites, and while we won't spoil all the surprises, the fact that they even got noticed on the subway is quite a testament to the fact that this thing just doesn't belong off a desk. (We even got mugged and beaten for our RAZR one time, and not a person batted an eye.) In summary, you'd have to be a bit off your rocker -- and/or an editor at a consumer tech magazine with way too much free time -- to attempt a portable lifestyle with the M2010, but we're guessing you could've figured that one out one your own.