Zune battery life: 12 hours music, 3.5 hours video

Yeah, it's a somewhat minor-seeming detail, but no one seemed to know how much damned battery life the Zune was going to have at launch. They were pretty tight lipped about it, but our new pal and independent analyst for Directions on Microsoft, Matt Rosoff, let us know that according to his contacts, with wireless off we can expect a 12 hours of music playback at 128Kbps, 3.5 hours for video playback, and 4.5 hours when running a slide show. Compare that to the 30GB iPod's 14/4 hours and the 80GB iPod's 20/6 hours, and it's a little difficult to fully envision the payoff for that added thickness and height. Still, remember: bigger screen, wireless, bigger screen, wireless. Ah well, we'll just hope upon hope that'll be something the fix before release in a couple months.

[Thanks, Matt]