The iPod dock for value-driven consumers

If you haven't throw down for one of the bazillion iPod docks out there, you may have considered just making your own. But for those out there without the technical know-how -- or more importantly, adequate funding -- you're probably stuck syncing your 'Pod flat on the desk with that plain ole cable Apple tossed in. A dissatisfied (and apparently broke) Mac user finally felt that enough was enough, and resorted to creating an iPod dock from what appears to be an old Apple accessory box, a generous helping of tape, scissors, and a black marker. While we assume any smallish cardboard box would fit the bill, using the prior home of an AirPort Express card just adds that critical dash of Apple flair to the whole creation. If you're a bit short on cash, or just admire your own handiwork, be sure to keep reading for an internal view, and then hit up the read link to peep a full gallery of construction photos so you don't screw yours up.

[Via digg]