Samsung's Yepp T9 hits Korea

Alright, nothing to see here. Samsung is just parading their sexy, Adobe Flash-capable, 1.8-inch screened, 30 hour lastin' and video-playin' Yepp T9 all across Asia with nary a thought for us lowly North Americans. Now they've hit their very own South Korea with the player, and we've got our first sight of pricing: 199,000 won, 239,000 won, and 299,000 won in Korea (for the 1, 2 and 4GB versions respectively), and supposed $180, $220, and $280 US pricetags for whenever it drops here. We're taking those latter prices with a grain of salt, since they're a fair bit off the direct conversion of won to dollar, and the player hasn't actually been announced for the States as far as we know, but we suppose it's better than nothing. So, anyone feeling that purple?

[Via Akihabara]