Seamless announces S-XGen flip-and-fold UMPC

Las Vegas-based Seamless Wireless looks to be keeping most of the details on its new UMPC under wraps until CES lands in its hometown early next year, but the design alone should be enough to build at least a modicum of interest from those looking for something a little different than the usual fare. Sure, it's basically just a standard UMPC with a fold-up keyboard stuck on, but every flip and fold on a gadget gets an extra bonus point from us. The only other details that the folks at Seamless seem willing to divulge are that the device will include Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connectivity, and that it'll pack a 4-inch LCD and a promised 10 hours of battery life -- at least it did in the concept stage, when Seamless also said it'd be ready for market by October 2006, and that clearly ain't gonna happen.

[Via SlashGear]