T.M.X Elmo debuts. The "X" is for "eXtreme", dude!

Oh, yes, our old friend Tickle Me Elmo is back, only this time he's totally to the EXTREME, dude! There's a good chance you're already stockpiling these for sale on eBay -- we understand that two or three should be enough for a down payment on that dream home -- but in case you didn't hear, Fisher-Price introduced the new T.M.X. Elmo today. The "X" in T.M.X. stands for both "ten" (the toy is ten years old) and "eXtreme"; the new doll does pretty much the same thing as the oiriginal version -- i.e. it gets all crazy when you tickle it -- it just does it in a more, uh, extreme fashion. Toy industry analysts are already predicting a massive shortage of the dolls, which retail for $39.99 should you be fortunate enough to find one actually on store shelves.