ViaMichelin's Navigation X-980T GPS gets by the FCC

It seems like ViaMichelin's last try at a handheld GPS unit, the X-950T, was a bit more svelte, but that one was a Europe-only device, while this new Navigation X-980T device of theirs just slipped by the FCC, so there's at least a chance of it showing up in the States. Unfortunately, the user manual that the FCC posted up only makes mention of Europe maps, so that kind of puts a damper on things. All the same, the device looks like it'll do the job, with an SD slot for maps, a finger or stylus-controlled touch screen, and not a whole lot else. We suppose it'll be out at such and such a time, for such and such a price, but with the Europe-only maps and an apparent complete lack of frills, we don't suppose it matters a whole lot.

[Via MobileWhack]