iPod 5.5G review roundup

Despite the minor revisions that went into this new "Johnny Depp" edition iPod, it's still getting plenty of love in reviews. The 5.5G version boasts of enough little tweaks that have gone right, like a brighter, sharper screen, useful search feature, improved video playback time, tweaked headphones, good looking games and a welcome price drop, that the minor setbacks such as quirky game controls, odd video aspect ratios and the strange lack of an iTunes install CD don't seem to detract a whole lot from the lovefest. Of course, the notable omission of a larger screen to truly enjoy the full-length flicks, and our standard iPod gripes like lacking format support still keep this iPod from going all the way in our books, but it seems like most of the iPod faithful will be too busy yucking it up with the Pirates of the Caribbean crew to notice this time around.

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