Pinnacle announces USB/PCI TV tuners and video editing gear

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Pinnacle announces USB/PCI TV tuners and video editing gear
Pinnacle's already hooked up our friends in Europe with a DVB-T tuner on a stick, but now those of us on this side of the pond are getting a little over-the-air HD love with its just-announced PCTV HD Pro Stick. Bundled with a remote and telescopic antenna, the $130 USB tuner will let you tap into ATSC broadcasts from the comfort of your laptop -- if you live in an area with coverage, that is (otherwise you can still use it to pick up a regular old standard definition NTSC signal). On the desktop side of things, Pinnacle's got the PCTV MCE Companion, which'll give you a Media Center-compatible TV tuner and remote for $100 even. Either option will give you most of the functions you'd expect from a standalone PVR, as well as some PC-specific advantages, like recording directly iPod, PSP, and DivX formats, as well as direct-to-DVD recording. On a somewhat related front, Pinnacle's also announced some new video editing gear -- the Pinnacle Studio MovieBox USB ($99) and the Pinnacle Studio MovieBoard PCI ($79), both also available in "Plus" editions for $149 each. All will give you the hardware and software needed to turn your dated old home movies into cinema vérité masterpieces, with the Plus editions packing in a "professional" microphone kit and Chroma Key green screen backdrop, as well as additional effects options. The whole lot will be available next month.

[Via DV Guru]

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