Rumor: Mystery XBLA game is Lode Runner

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Rumor: Mystery XBLA game is Lode Runner
Our man, Godfree, over at Gamertag Radio sent us another tip about our would be mystery XBLA game. Shake the magic 8 ball with us ... "signs point to Lode Runner." Check out this detective work on

"No joke, I'm fairly certain I figured it out. Let's look at the trail of tips. Ok, so with the current hints down how did I make the connection. Here's my timeline.
  • I originally thought the game must be Bomberman, so I was looking for links between Shinjuku, Montana and Hudson Entertainment the creators of Bomberman. Score! Hudson Soft moved to Shinjuku in 1985 shortly before releasing Bomberman.
  • While on the page I noticed Hudson Software also released Lode Runner for NES, and remembered they are currently doing a DS version.
  • Lode Runner was originally published by Broderbund, who operate out of MONTANA.
  • According to Game Dev Map there are no current game developers operating in Montana.
I don't think it can get any clearer than that. Case closed in my opinion, next week's release is Lode Runner!"

Nice work. We couldn't agree more. Lode Runner is definitely a major franchise worthy of the hype that we've generated seen in the last week. What do you think? Did these guys nail it, or is it something else?

[Thanks, Godfree]
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