Nobu intros N8 touchscreen in-wall PC

So if the JackPC is lacking in the power / functionality department, and you're going for that svelte, in-wall look to complement your flush WiFi installation, Nobu's got just the thing. Known for its sleek in-wall PC designs, Nobu is busting out an 8-inch touchscreen version -- dubbed the N8 -- that packs either a 600MHz Intel Celeron M or 1.1GHz Pentium M CPU, 512MB of DDR RAM, 802.11a/b/g, Ethernet, a (thoughtfully included) 4GB SSD, and a trio of USB 2.0 ports; this household regulator also sports built-in speakers / mic, audio out, VGA out, and comes loaded with Windows XP Professional. The company touts its "noiseless design" and "visual attractiveness," citing the fanless CPUs and disk drive as the quiet culprits. While it's stated that the currently unpriced N8 can handle any household task imaginable whenever it begins to ship, we'll just be happy that we can digitize new faces onto Engadget HQ's Magic Message Mirror right from the wall.

[Via Mavromatic]