Magic Message Mirror on display at CEDIA

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the freakiest freak of all? No doubt, you are Magic Mirror man. If you doubted Basil's ability to scare the shiznit out of kiddies or intruders alike then just peep the creepy pics from CEDIA Expo where Themeaddicts Magic Message Mirror was on display. Rigged up to a Crestron automation system for the show, inventor Craig Barrof -- producer for Universal's King Kong attraction and creator of Jurassic Park's menacing T-Rex -- announced that the mirror will set you back $22,000 large to take home where the on-screen butler can render 10 animated messages standard, or an additional 23 at $600 a pop -- double-that for custom jobbies. Creepy as it is, there's undeniable value in knowing your Jacuzzi is ready, Cristal chilled, and Fiddy's live at the door, eh?

[Via Talk About CEDIA]