Microsoft claims successful patch against FairUse4WM 1.2

The last time we heard from Microsoft on the topic of FairUse4WM, the infamous PlaysForSure stripping application, it was a red-alert memo after the release of version 1.2 pledging to patch that version as they had the first. Now, it occurs to us that once the floodgates have been opened there might not be any going back, but read the latest memo for yourself -- we're reserving judgment, namely because we're not DRM (or anti-DRM) developers.

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Subject: Notification: WMDRM Circumvention Patch Available


This email provides information about Microsoft's technical response to the FairUse4WM circumvention tool that is currently circulating on various Internet sites, which decrypts content protected by WMDRM. On September 19th, 2006, Microsoft released a new update to the Individualized Blackbox component (IBX) which thwarts all currently known versions of the FairUse4WM circumvention tool.

Supported platforms at this time include Windows Media Format SDK 9.5 and Windows Media Format SDK 11 Beta 2 on Windows XP, as well as the version of Windows Media Format SDK 11 that ships with Windows Vista Release Candidate 1. This update is not yet available for the Windows Media Format 9 Series FSDK or for users of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2. Users of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2 can be encouraged to download and install Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2, which is compatible with these robustness updates.

Partner feedback from our previous release was that it was important that we increment the Security Version of the IBX, allowing them to detect the presence of the update remotely. The following code snippet shows how to check for the existence of the IBX component Security Version on a client computer from the Rights Manager Server. (Verify that that the client system reports Security Version of 2.8 or greater.)

Get the secure DRM component (individualization) version.
Set LicenseObj = Server.CreateObject("wmrmobjs.wmrmlicgen")
LicenseObj.ClientInfo = strClientInfo
LicenseObj.GetClientVersion cat2, ver2
iSecurityVersion_major = round(ver2/256)
iSecurityVersion_minor = ver2 mod 256

If the user's machine is on a platform that supports the update, you can initiate a re-individualization in one of two ways:

1) Send them to this web site, which will force a re-indiv (requires Internet Explorer).

2.) Use the FSDK APIs referenced below, which will force a re-indiv (requires an FSDK Certificate).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact [email removed]. Thank you for your continued understanding and confidentiality as we resolve these critical matters.

Best Regards,
Joseph R. Jones
Breach Response Program Manager
Consumer Media Technologies
Microsoft Corp.

You're most welcome for the understanding and confidentiality!