Samsung SDC-MS21: a new addition to the Miniket line?

You'll have to forgive us, as our Dutch is a bit rusty, but perhaps some of you Netherlands-based folks can help us decipher this new Samsung SDC-MS21 that spotted at IFA. Fortunately, specs can be understood in any language: this one features 6 megapixel, 2.5-inch screen, 3x optical zoom, ISO 1600, MP3 playback, SD card slot, 640 x 480 video at 30 fps. We're also pretty sure that the SDC-MS21 can be used as a voice recorder and a webcam, and also appears to us like it's an upgrade or possibly an addition to the Miniket line that we saw last year. Oh, and one more detail that we were able to glean from hours of pouring over our Dutch dictionaries and grammar books: it's red.

[Thanks, Robert]