Symbol Technologies WT4000 series wearable computer

We wouldn't exactly call this wearable computer svelte, in fact, calling it a strap-on is more apropos wouldn't you say? Still, it's pretty much what we'd expect from a company that specializes in ruggedized handhelds. So no surprise to find Symbol Technologies targetting this third generation, WT4000 series of mobile computers and scanner attachments for use in extreme environments. No, not that extreme, more like warehouses and distribution centers where handsfree operation comes as a boon. Worn on the hip or wrist, the device brings an IP-54 sealing rating and can survive drops to concrete from as high as 4-feet (1.2-meter). The device itself runs WinCE 5.0 Pro on a 520MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processor and packs-in 802.11a/b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 1.2, and 2.8-inch QVGA display with backlight. Fortunately, it weighs a relatively light 11.2-ounces (320.3-grams) with battery to keep fatigue to a minimum. Yeah, it still looks damned bulky but never fear you fork-lift fashionistas, in just a few more months Symbol will have access to those Motorola designers -- we hear pink is the new Schlitz. Expect pricing and a drop date when these go on display at Post Expo in Amsterdam October 10th.