Vodafone's Treo 750v gets an actual launch date

Now that we know the Treo 750 is poised for a Cingular release here in the US, we're kind of over Vodafone'sversion of this Windows Mobile 5 smartphone, but because we've got mad love for our European audience, we'll keep covering it until they pry us kicking and screaming from our keyboards. Following numerous spy shots, reviews, and announcements regarding this device, there's pretty much nothing that we don't know about its feature set -- quad-band GSM with UMTS, 300MHz CPU, 240 x 240 pixel screen, Bluetooth 1.2, miniSD expansion, 1.3 megapixel camera, and of course, still no WiFi -- but despite all the interest, a solid release date has yet to be announced. Well, until now that is, as Vodafone has finally updated its UK site to list an October 2nd launch (why do we feel like this thing has been "launched" like ten times already?), with that same vague pricing window of "free to £127.66 ($242.90)." So, congratulations dear friends across the pond, you'll have your gadget-loving hands all over the 750v in a few short days; us Americans, meanwhile, are just preparing ourselves to go through the whole dog-and-pony show of leaks, rumors, and false starts all over again.

[Thanks, Nirav M.]