Etymotic's new high-larious ety8 Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones: great idea. Etymotic headphones: great idea. What resulted when the two were smooshed together by the Etymotic guys: the ety8 Bluetooth headphones, or, as we're already calling them around the office, the wireless abomination whose name shall not be spoke. The ety8s come with A2DP and AVRC Bluetooth profiles, an iPod adapter, a few eartips, and some pretty high quality 20Hz - 16kHz/ 1kHz sensitivity / 122 dB SPL output drivers, tacked on to some transceiver / controller boxes unsightly and ungainly enough to make you look like a serious fool, but not before sentencing you to two ears filled with some dowel-thick shafts of plastic, the whole of which looks more like a UN headset than an audiophile's jogging kit. The sad thing is we'll still probably buy them.