Netgear Digital Entertainer EVA700 announced

While everyone's all stoked about that new Netgear Skype handset, we almost forgot that Netgear makes regular home networking stuff too. Today, the company announced its new Digital Entertainer (EVA700), meda streamer that'll even take your snaps n' flicks on your computer across the house and display them on that flat screen hotness that anchors your living room. The EVA700 ($270) has a convenient USB port on the front and on the flip side is decked out with everything you'd expect: Ethernet, WiFi, RCA ports, S-Video, S/PDIF, a SCART jack (for you Euros in the house), and will play plethora of audio and video types, including XviD. Now, while this brushed metal bundle of joy does play 1080p (downcoverted), we'd still really like some HDMI love in the near future. Whaddyasay, Netgear, you want to take on that iTV, or what?