Nokia's N95 smartphone goes legit

We're still struggling with a spat of fainting fits across the Engadget HQ, but that Nokia N95 pre-release info leak last night wasn't no hearsay. Nokia just dropped their complete fanboy specsheet of a S60 phone in the Nokia N95 today, including a 5 megapixel camera, integrated GPS, 802.11g WiFi, HSDPA, microSD, 150MB of internal memory and pretty much any other spec you could ever care to have stuffed into your phone by a Finnish "multimedia computer" manufacturer. The 2.6-inch QVGA screen should provide plenty of room to partake in all this specification glory, and there's a full-on 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy your multimedia in a convenient manner. Of course, that 550 euro pricetag ($700 US) wasn't no joke neither, but luckily we have until Q1 '07 -- that's when they're busting this thing out in Europe -- to get all practiced up on our petty thievery. Keep reading for the pr0n.